Czech participants


Andrea Kynclová

I am a teacher at Gymnázium J. A. Komenského. I teach English and French and I do love my students. I also také part in extracirricular school activities such as skiing or cycling course.Sport is one of my biggest hobby so anytime I can I do cycling, jogging, and I have been into yoga for two years. That is why I have chosen this project as I find sport activities very important and challenging. I also love travelling and exploring new countries and places. I have two kids and I enjoy spending my time with my family.


Tereza Lagová

I am 17 years old and I’m from the Czech Republic. I come from a small village close to Prague called Lány. I have a brother and we live in a family house. I have many hobbies. I play the violin, I learn spanish in my free time. I do some sports too. I love dancing, skiing. Sometimes I also go cycling. I’m really excited about travelling. My dream is to travel aroud the world.

Max Vaic

I am 17 years old. Me and my family live in a small village, in a family house. I have got 2 sisters and one dog. I am a golf player and I think I am really good at it. Actually,I am good at all kinds of sport. In my free time I usually watch the Game of Thrones and go out with my girlfriend.

Barbora Kosová

I´m 18 years old Czech girl. I have one sister and we have parrot, guinea pigs and fish. I like animals but I´m afraid of dogs. I like sports. I did the athletics and I played volleyball but right now I don´t do any sports. I live in Kladno which is the town near to Prague and Nové Strašecí. I like cooking, jogging and playing the flute. I teach little kids to play the flute.

Natálie Voldřichová

I am from Kladno. I live with my mum, grandma and my twin brother. We have two dogs and three cats. I like every type of sports and I‘ve tried a lot of them, for example dancing, horse riding or figure skating. For me there is some kind of freedom in movement, which i really enjoy. Although I am not so talkative person, I love meeting new people and I am excited about this project.

Marek Pešek

I’m a 17 years old boy. I have a big family with 2 brothers and lots of animals. We live in small village named Doksy in a family house. I’m really into sports but playing just football. Football team whitch I like the most is FC Barcelona and player Lionel Messi. Another activities whitch I like to do is sleeping, drawing and hanging outside with friends. I’m a big fan of listening music so you can see me almost every time with earphones. My little hobby is watching techie videos, mostly on any product from Apple.

Jana Vítová

I’m 17 years old. I am from a small village Čistá but most of the time I spend with my boyfriend and his big family in Rakovník. Of course, I have family too. My parents mean everything to me. In my free time I like reading books, watching serials (HIMYM, The big ben theory, The middle). I don´t do any sport but I love swimming and I think I’m a very good swimmer.

Barbora Šváchová

I'm 17 years old. I live in a town in the end of the world named Nové Strašecí. I've got 3 older brothers so you can imagine how hard a life is in this family. The only one who saves me is our cat Míša. Music is my best friend, because I play a lot of musical instruments and write my own songs which I sing. The last big hobby is dancing with which I go to competitions. In free time I just lie in the bed and watch movies. So I think that this is everything interesting about me and my life.

Klára Dolejší

I live in the Czech Republic. I would like to intoduce myself (although I think you must meet me to really know who I am). I'm 16 and I come from a big family. My 4 younger siblings terrorize me all the time (but I still love them). I'm all for everything which sounds like fun and adventure. I love travelling which includes meeting new people and hopefully my new friends. I'm keen on dancing and art. Listening music, watching films and series, taking photos and reading books fill my free time, but most of the time I spend with my friends (wanna say they are beloved, but I know them too well :D). I'm ready to enjoy everything which my life brings to me.

Lukáš Jeníček

I live in the Czech Republic. Now I would like to say you something about me. I am 17 years old and I live a in small village Čelechovice. It’s like at world’s end, but I don’t mind it here. I am keen on playing theater with my friends for fun. I love traveling (I have to visit so many places in my future), reading fantasy books (I’m potterhead so..) and watching my favourite films. Most of the time I spend at my school (it's terrible I know..) and together with my best friends. Maybe you should know that I love food (I will try anything) and I'm ready to enjoy everything.

Markéta Duchoňová

I am 16 years old. I live in th Czech republic in a small town Nové Strašecí. I‘ve got a big family including one older sister,two older brothers, my parents and our dog Hany. My hobbies are everything connected with music and dancing, because every day I’m in music school and there I dance, play saxophone and flute. In my free time (for me it’s weekends, because my weeks are really busy) I just relax, watch some series or I’m with my friends and family. I also love travelling and meeting new people, so Erasmus plus is a great opportunity for me.

Lenka Maurerová


Kristýna Jansová


Klára Podlešáková


Kateřina Anna Hurtová


Marta Kozlíková


Alexandra Růčková