Hungarian participants


Barbara Béres-Deák

I am a high school P.E. teacher at Közgazdasági Politechnikum, Budapest. I graduated from Semmelweis University Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences as a physical education teacher. This is my second Erasmus+ project, I am also part of the project team in ComServ, a school partnership about community service and European Solidarity Corps. During my classes one of my priorities is to make students enjoy sports and movement. PEALS is a really good opportunity to present the good practices of our P.E. system to international partners. It's also an exceptional possibility for students to get extraordinary experiences.

Betti Boncz

My name is Betti Boncz. I was born and grew up in Zalaegerszeg, a small city between Lake Balaton and the Austrian-Hungarian border. I finished my studies as a P. E. teacher in 2006 in Budapest. After that I lived in Salzburg with an Austrian-Hungarian family where I was baby-sitting two children, and learnt German. Since August 2008, I have been working as a P.E. teacher at Poli. Meanwhile, I was studying pedagogy for people with special needs, but ran out of time, so I had to finish it. In 2015 I started my Bothmer Gymnastics studies and I hope next year I can finish it. PEALS is my first international project, so I am very excited about it. In my free time I like going out with my friends to have coffee or some cake, I like hiking, doing sports (TRX training and yoga are my favorites nowadays). I like running, in the last two years I ran a dozen half-marathons and I would like to run a marathon too in the near future.

Emese Gáti

My profession means a lot to me. As a P.E. teacher in Poli, I find it important to have good relationship with the people I work with. In my work, effectiveness and success are more important to me than to be appreciated. Based on this, I think I can be a useful member of any group. I put a lot of effort to making my environment clean and tidy all the time. I focus on health, and to be fit. I think harmony and thoughts effect the general state of health. I am energetic, dynamic, curious and always open for new impressions. I enjoy creative tasks and helping other people. If I do something, I concentrate on it. I am not afraid of new challenges. I am flexible and adapt easily to a new environment. I always feel refreshed when I travel, and learn a lot from my journeys. This is why I have applied for this project. Unmissable. 🙂

Laura Kocsis

My name is Laura Kocsis, I teach English at Poli. I've been working here since 2017. I live in downtown Budapest, but I'm from a small town originally: it's called Kecskemét and it's worth a visit! In my free time I enjoy hiking, baking, watching films and relaxing in my hammock.


Zsófi Bakó

Hello, I’m Zsófi Bakó. I’m a 15 year old Hungarian girl with a big family, a cat and a B1 level of English. I have 3 sisters, and I live in a family house in the outskirts of Budapest. I like doing hair styles, trying new things and watching series (like stranger things and Anne with an e). I’m not playing any sports right now, but planning to play badminton. i like almost all kinds of music. i used to play the piano (so there is a piano in my room). i like vintage stuff (clothes and music mostly).

Dorina Farkas

Hi, my name is Dorina Farkas. I am 15 years old. I have always done some sports, since I was born. First, I started doing gymnastics. After that, I tried dancing, but it wasn't enough for me. Then I found my branch of sport: martial art. I've been doing aikido for 3 years and I love it. I live in Óbuda (Near Üröm), with my parents, brother and my little dog. My brother is a Poli student too. I'm really excited about this project because I can meet new people. My English is not perfect but I'm trying.

Róbert Fok

Hello, my name is Robert. I’m from Hungary. I’m 16 years old. I don’t like to type but I love to talk, so find out more about me when we meet.

Flóra Forgács

Hi, I’m Flóra! I have one sister and two cats and one dog. My cats' names are Polly and Pocak and my dog's name is Panka. I've tried a lot of sports, for example riding a horse, swimming, acrobatics and so on. I also like dancing. I think I’m kind, friendly and sporty. In my free time I usually go horse riding or go out with my friends or hiking with my family and I really like to meet new friends and talk with them.

Luca Gerzson

My name is Luca Gerzson and I’m fifteen years old. I live in Budapest in the 7th district. I’ve got a younger sister and brother and two cats. I play kungfu and do ballet dancing. I also act in one of the musical theatres of Budapest. Well, I’m kind of an artist person but I don’t like drawing at all. I think I’m extrovert and kind. And i hope we’ll get on well in the project.

Maja Permizsák

Hey Everyone!! I’m Maja. I’m 16 years old. I live with my parents and little sister. I think I’m very confident, helpful and always happy. I have been doing Rock ‘n’ Roll for 10 years. There are two kinds of sports for me: the one that I have already tried and the one I will try later. So sport is my life. I have always wanted to play sport. I am very dedicated about this project and hope it will be very good and interesting.

Márton Gáspár

Hi, I am Marci! I have a very big family: I have two brothers and three sisters. We have a dog Puszedli and a cat Katze. I have tried a lot of sports, for example football, badminton, athletics... and much more. I do wall climbing, running and training. I think I am friendly, social, warm and funny. In my free time I usually build PC and I go hiking, but I really like meeting with my friends!

Hanna Hollós

I’m 14 years old. I live in Budapest in 4th district. I live with my parents and my sister. She is 11 years old. I’ve got a dog, she is really friendly and cute. I live in a flat with 3 rooms. I play tennis 4 times a week.I don’t speak English very well, but i will try everything to be able to talk to partners. I hope we will be friends!

Eszter Hortobágyi

My nickname is Eszti. I’m 14 years old and my birthday is at october 13. I live in the 16. district with my family. I have two older brother, I have a great connection with them. I really love travel. I love meet new people, but I don't really speak very well at English. I love animals and I have two dogs, two guinea pigs and a hamster. I like drawing or painting but I don't really have time. My sport is fitness and have lot of friends from the training. I have five or six traing in a week and I make that very well.

Fruzsina Kemény

Hi my name is Fruzsi Kemény and I am 15 years old. Now I run twice a week. I love try many new sport, so I excited about this project. I live in Érd with my parents and my brother. I think I’m friendly and extrovert.

Anna Keserű

Hi, my name is Anna. I’m 14 years old. My English is not too good but I will try to communicate with you. When I was a child, I usually went swimming. Later I started synchronised swimming, I really liked it. Now I do spring board diving and I really like it too but it is very tiring and exiting. I live in Verőce, near the Danube, in the Danube Bend. It is a beautiful place, but far away from the school. I always go to the school by train. At home I have a lizard, her name is Tüskés. She is a beardy dragon. I am mad about reptiles. When I was child, I wanted a snake, but my family did not really want it. My hobbies are taking photos with my camera and watching Marvel films. I’m a big fan of superheroes.

Mátyás Nagy

I have got a sister, she is 18 years old. I have got a little dog. I like most sports. In my free time I usually play computer games with my friends. My hobbies are cooking and watching films.

Ágoston Náray

I am a 14 year old boy. I play badminton and video games. I started sailing 10 years ago, and now I am going to international races. I play fortnite and like a medium noob, but I’m not a gamer.I live in a large family, I have 2 brothers and 1 sister and a dog, I am the second oldest. Our house is a very big family house; it has a garden and 3 terraces. My dad, my mom, and my brother can speak English very well.

Lynn Sondhi

I am a girl in the 9th grade. Last year I had a ‘language’ year, which we don’t count as a year so actually I’m in the 10th grade. I am not fully Hungarian. My dad is Indian and at home we talk to him in English. This is why I am comfortable talking in English with others, for example in a project. After school, twice a week I go dancing. I’ve been at the same dance club for 8 years now, I really love it here. My hobbies are perhaps taking pictures and watching Netflix and sometimes reading books (only in English). If I have time to do anything, I really like to just walk with music in my ears, anywhere, as much as I can. In P.E. classes I do everything I can and try out new things. Although, I have some bad days like once in 6 months. This is already the second Erasmus project I am participating in so I am looking forward to the exchange in Hungary.

Marcell Szőkedencsi

I live in Budapest with my family. I have one elder brother who is living in Denmark. I suppose i’m a very active, positive person who loves sports. A year ago, i hosted a very happy guest student, now i hope I’ll meet another like this. About my sport habits: I was a Golf champion in Hungary in 2015. I have been playing golf since 2008. I have also played basketball and football. I hope this project will be sportly and interesting. And I also hope I will meet some new friends.

Derya Örs

Hi! My name is Örs Derya, but I prefer the nickname Dero. I’m a 15 year old girl who is one of the Hungarian participants.

Lili Aschenbrenner

I’m 14 years old. I like many kinds of music, series and animes too. I usually spend my weekends with drawing and painting, reading, watchig series and animes. My parents divorced 3-4 years ago, and most of the time I am at my mother's apartment. I have a younger brother, who is 10, and we have a cat, named Bendegúz. I think I’m bad at speaking English because I’m shy. I want to improve my English and I am excited about the project.

Maya Dobránsky

I’m 14 years old. I am from Hungary. I live with my parents and sister, who is two years younger than me. We have two cats. We live in big flat, on the fourth floor. I play tennis, but before that I was a runner. I like listennig to music and reading, but I like hanging out with my friens as well. I am little nervous when I speak English but I hope I’ll get used to it.

Csenge Tóth

Hey my name is Csenge. I’m sixteen years old. I live in Budapest with my parents and brother. We have two little dogs. In my free time, I hang out with my friends and go training. My hobby is dancing, I have been doing it for 10 years. I am a little absent-minded, helpful, open-minded and if we do something I like, i am very positive about it. I hope this project will be really good.