Project Summary

Our project is based on the shared value of physical activities and active lifestyle which is the only way to lifelong fitness and good health. We want to discover and exchange new innovative ways of curricular and extracurricular physical activities.

  • to raise the profile of Physical Education (P.E.) and active lifestyle in the 5 partner schools;
  • for students: to create fun and pleasure through physical activities; to promote health and well-being for lifelong learning; to encourage social inclusion and develop social competence; to increase their ability to work in multicultural groups, positive attitude towards European projects and tolerance towards different cultures;
  • For schools and teachers: to build a network; to exchange good practices; to find new innovative methods to enhance students’ physical, personal, intellectual and social competencies in extracurricular activities.
  • 5 European secondary schools in the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania, which all have extra-curricular sports programs and are ready to learn new ones;
  • 15 teachers in the given schools, most of them P.E. teachers;
  • 100 – 125 students.
  • Show your talent – Hungary
  • Winter sports and Snow day – Latvia;
  • Sport and environment – Lithuania;
  • Not virtual but real life – Olympic Games and fair play – the Czech Republic;
  • Non-formal sport activities built into P.E. curriculum – Can it be done? – Greece.
  • AT AFTER-SCHOOL WORKSHOPS FOR STUDENTS: group and pair work, presentations, studying partner schools and countries – history, geography, people, habits, languages, etc.,
  • AT STUDENT EXCHANGES: ’learning by doing’ – transnational group or pair work, peer to peer learning; interactive workshops, presentations, discussions, games, intercultural learning, etc.,
  • AT FINAL PROJECT MEETING: presentations, reports, analysis, discussions, monitoring and evaluating progress, evaluation forms, surveys.
  • ON PARTNER SCHOOLS – the project will enhance their extracurricular physical education programs with innovative, non formal, project- and activity based methods.
  • ON PARTICIPATING TEACHERS – the project will contribute to the development of their motivation, attitude, professional skills and methods, English and ICT competences, and help to prevent professional burnout.
  • ON PARTICIPATING STUDENTS – they will have a more active, healthy lifestyle leading to lifelong fitness.