Student exchange in Budapest, 12-16/10/2018. At Közgazdasági Politechnikum we started the project “Physical Education Active LifeStyle “ (in short PEALS), supported by the European Programme of School Partnerships Erasmus+. The teachers planning and leading the first exchange were Barbara Béres-Deák, Betti Boncz, Emese Gáti, Jūratė Balukevičienė, Andrea Kynclová, Alexandra Tůmová, Diana Vaidote and Nikolaos Diamantopoulos. And which countries and schools are concerned? The coordinator – the Hungarian school Közgazdasági Politechnikum and the other partners – the Lithuanian school in the town of Gelvonai („Sirvintu r. Gelvonu gimnazija“), the Latvian school in the town of Madona („Madonas Valsts gimnazija“), the Czech school in the town of Komenskeho („Gymnazium J.A. Komenskeho“) and the Greek school in the town of Aigio („1o Geniko Lykeio Aigiou“). The Latvians will focus on cross-country skiing, the Hungarians on ycling, the Lithuanians on canoeing and ball games, the Greek on swimming and the Czechs on golf. The next student exchange will take place in Latvia in February 2019 to practice cross-country skiing.